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Salesforce Launches Enterprise-Grade CDP for Marketers

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are all the rage in the business world lately. These programs are dubbed as clean and open databases owned by marketers and are used to store and glean customer information. And now, several companies are jumping on the CDP bandwagon and creating products they call CDPs though they actually don’t function like one.

But tech giant Salesforce is here to show to the business world what a real enterprise-grade CDP is. Salesforce is currently working on a CDP called Customer 360, and it was unveiled to the business world last June 2019 at the Salesforce Connections event. The new CDP was released in fall 2019.

Customer 360 Platform: Unifying Customer Data for Better Business Practices

Salesforce unveiled developments on their Customer 360 CDP solution last June 2018, and it finally debuted just this fall season 2019. The new platform is focused on unifying customer data that came from diversified sources.

The Customer 360 platform is a powerful tool that eases the burden of sifting through several different platforms just to connect various aspects of customer data. With Salesforce’s new CDP tool, marketers may now integrate data from any source so that they can offer personalized engagement and cross-channel customer experiences seamlessly.

Customer 360 enables marketers to:

  • Create unified and single customer profiles through a consent management framework
  • Segment and build an audience base through all customer data available on the platform
  • Utilize customer data to create personalized engagements with their customers
  • Optimize their engagement procedures through Einstein AI-driven business insights

While the Customer 360 platform is built for enterprise-wide users, it sticks true to the definition of a CDP which is primarily made for marketers. With this in mind, Salesforce used an intuitive user interface to make this tool highly-suitable for marketers first.

Personalizing the Customer Journey

Personalized customer journeys are crucial to ensuring business success nowadays. It’s because customers are not just after a quality product today; they’re also after that excellent customer service experience that they get from the start to the end of their engagement with a certain brand.

All the features included in Customer 360 CDP enable marketers to create personalized customer journeys that would otherwise be hard to do without a well-rounded collection of customer data.


Customer 360 is Salesforce’s first full-fledged customer data platform (CDP). It was in the works last June 2019 and was launched just this fall.

Customer 360 provides marketers and other enterprise users with a crucial function – that of unifying customer data dispersed on various other platforms. Salesforce uses technologies such as consent management framework and Einstein AI to power this unification and fuel other features such as generating automated business insights and creating a genuine brand audience base.

Salesforce hopes to show to the world the real deal behind enterprise-grade CDPs through its creation and launch of the new Customer 360 platform.

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