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Salesforce Lead Forrester New Wave for SaaS Marketplaces

In the recent SaaS Marketplace report in Q4 2018, Salesforce is proud to say that it was named a leader according to the Forrester New Wave. In the details of the evaluation, it was mentioned that Salesforce’s AppExchange is still the leader in the SaaS marketplace world.

AppExchange is available in the Salesforce Store and it helps customers enhance Salesforce with more than 5,000 solutions developed by thousands of partners. The team behind AppExchange is continuously creating new ways to interact with partners, customers, and sales agents in an effort to connect customers, partner solutions, and Salesforce teams together.

First Ever

This is the first Forrester New Wave on SaaS Marketplaces ever and Salesforce leading the report is a proof of the platforms diversity and power. Technology is like a landscape that’s constantly evolving and changing. There are many ideas and new trends emerging and also many are leaving or have left. SaaS marketplaces are booming and are considered to be the future of services and software buying according to Forrester. Because of broader business needs, customers need fast access to research and try a product or service before buying it.

There were eight vendors evaluated in the report and Salesforce was given the highest possible score in 8 out of 10 given criteria. Salesforce topped automation, intelligence, availability of applications, and buyer interface. The report recognized Salesforce as the first major SaaS marketplace and to this day remains a strong choice in terms of innovation, breadth, and scale.

Leading the Industry

AppExchange has gone through a 13-year evolution filled passion, reinvention, growth, and innovation. Millions have been impacted with its versatility and power.

AppExchange also drives Salesforce’s ecosystem. Almost 90 percent of Fortune 100 companies use it. More than 5 thousand solutions are currently available on AppExchange and over 6 million copies have been installed.

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