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Salesforce Makes Fortune’s Future 50 List for Two Years

Fortune lists Salesforce in the 2018 Future 50. That’s the second time in a row the global CRM leader has made the list. According to Fortune, Salesforce continues to take forward leaps in their expansion and growth.

Significant Acquisitions

Fortune also highlights that part of the reason why Salesforce is steadily growing in terms of quantity and quality is their significant acquisitions. In 2018 alone, Salesforce has made five acquisitions. The most notable of them is MuleSoft, which they acquired for $6.5 billion—one of their biggest acquisitions ever made.

With MuleSoft’s tools, Salesforce can easily integrate their existing services with other global platforms. MuleSoft itself has powered plenty of global brands and now, Salesforce has acquired that capability.

Another significant acquisition is Datorama. Salesforce will use Datorama’s AI and machine learning for their marketing analytics and intelligence. This will reinforce their existing marketing strategies and campaigns.

Other three 2018 acquisitions made by Salesforce are Attic labs, CloudCraze and Rebel. All of these new acquisitions will serve great purposes for innovating Salesforce’s cloud platforms. This would mean that the company will only grow through the continuous improvement and innovation by integrating acquired technologies into their products and services.

Continuous Expansion

Another reason why Salesforce is a Future 50 company is that it keeps on expanding throughout the globe. In 2018 alone, Salesforce announced several expansions in Europe and the US, including the opening of Salesforce Tower Atlanta.

Fortune has also named Salesforce as #1 on their 100 Best Companies to Work For. The main reason is because they don’t only hire more people; they also keep most of their people happy.

Aside from growth in workforce, their Ohana’s growth is also what powers their expansion and reach in the communities. Salesforce continues to expand because the number of communities they’re helping is also growing. The company’s Ohana culture believes in giving back to the community by offering help in the form of time and energy, not just money.

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