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Marketing cloud

Marketing Automation

Make your brand famous! Blind mass selling is dead and buried. If you are looking for volume and quality, marketing automation is your solution.
Our team will help you stay at the top of B2B or B2C cross channel marketing. Whether you are looking to manage prospection, nurture your leads, and maximizing your marketing budget we will help you define your needs and get the right solution.

Engage Better

Market smarter.

Achieve better and deeper consumer engagement through the help of the top marketing platform from Salesforce, Marketing Cloud!
Automatically identify consumers with the highest probability to engage with your campaigns so you can market smarter and obtain insightful recommendations from Salesforce AI, Einstein.
Salesforce provides you with the tools and resources you’ll need to power 1:1 customer journeys that are proven to drive better engagement and eventually lead to conversion.
Connect every brand experience and every touch point across all campaign channels including marketing, advertising, apps, sales, commerce, and others.
Cross-channel campaigns are easy to create and carry out by tailoring pre-built templates, mobile apps and messaging flows according to your campaign plans and designs.
Invite and encourage B2C and B2B engagement by using a unified platform that connects businesses and consumers with your campaigns.

Enjoy the Benefits

Sophisticated tools.

Marketing Cloud is a unified platform of different marketing tools that work hand in hand to produce an engaging experience for both consumers and businesses alike.
Power 1:1 B2C relationships by identifying customer cues on customer engagement. Align your campaigns and marketing goals across every channel by involving every department in the process and communicating seamlessly. Deliver the best customer experience by acting on customer cues right at the moment you identify them.
Automate the marketing process by using Pardot’s suite of automation tools. Generate high-quality leads to fill your sales funnel. Calculate and evaluate marketing ROI to determine your campaigns’ impact on revenue.
Reach your target audience by filtering profiles to match them with the right content. Create the best email that fits your marketing goals and your brand. Automate 1:1 messages by setting a delivery schedule that serves your campaign the best.
Obtain data on consumers to build comprehensive and accurate profiles. Identify new target audiences from insights driven by new data signals. Build your audiences by facilitating data sharing through the most trusted data sources.
Build deeper engagement in audiences and build new partnerships by activating your data without limits. Maximize revenue from your premium data by monetizing on the demand. Use provisional tools to take control of your data and manage partnerships.
Obtain market insights by reading customer sentiments, creating topics and learning from discussions. Enhance your community’s engagement by providing customer support and services via social media channels. Publish your content on social media to evaluate its performance and attract more audience. View marketing activities on social channels using the Marketing Command Center.
Harness your data by broadcasting on preferred channels and working in trusted systems. Connect all your channels by integrating and aligning your advertising with your customer and marketing services. Get more leads by integrating your advertising with Sales cloud and Pardot, and automating leads from Facebook.
Create effective SMS and MMS by building messages according to your target audience’s interests. Personalize your messages by matching target audiences with the relevant message or information. Drive engagement with your mobile app by promoting your brand closely. Drive audience growth by integrating your mobile with other channels.