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Salesforce: Marketing won’t be the same in 2019

Salesforce declares over Twitter that “Marketing won’t be the same in 2019.” This is the main conclusion driven from the latest Marketing Cloud Keynote Presentation as a part of the Dreamforce 2018 Event. The tweet also shares a one-minute snippet of the presentation, explaining key concepts as to why marketing in 2019 will never be the same as before with Salesforce.

Knowing Customers on a Deeper Level

Customer experience is an important factor for all marketers. For customers, it is not all about the excellence of the products or services that they seek; it is also about how marketers have interacted with them from product presentation to follow-ups and feedbacks. This means that customers highly value the experience of interactions founded within marketing itself.

Salesforce believes that knowing customers on a deeper level will help marketers engage their customers into a holistic experience that will turn a simple marketing act into a high-end level of customer interaction, that will ultimately end in satisfaction for both parties.

To achieve this, Salesforce wants marketers to go beyond the usual knowledge of customer data points – that is, marketers must know the customer itself so that they can engage them in customer-centric interactions that give emphasis to the people and not to the transactions itself.

Aiding Marketers in Providing Holistic Customer Experience

Salesforce has curated lots of tools to help marketers achieve holistic customer interaction and satisfaction. Most of these tools use Einstein, the company’s Artificial Intelligence technology, to let marketers collect, analyze, and use various customer data to fit their individual customer journeys.

Sensible tools found within the Marketing Cloud has empowered marketers to create intelligent marketing plans that engage their customers as a whole. Marketers are not only able to provide what their customers want, they are also able to grow their particular brands by gaining a good return of investment (ROI) from the loyalty of their satisfied customers.

Smart marketing has entered the business industry in 2018 with the help of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and it continues to redefine the shape of marketing well until 2019 and beyond.

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