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Salesforce named #3 on Indeed’s Top Companies to Work For in 2018

Employment listings website recently released its list of 50 Top Companies to Work For in 2018. Salesforce lands the third highest spot for this year.

Among the Best

Salesforce was once again included in this prestigious list of top employers for the year 2018. The cloud computing giant finished at number 3 for this year after being in the top spot for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2016.

While the company was bested by Facebook and Southwest Airlines for this year’s round-up, Salesforce has steadily remained in a high position as third placer. Salesforce also happened to be the top cloud technology company that made it to Indeed’s 2018 list.

This only means that Salesforce is among the world’s best employers in terms of company philosophy, workplace environment, management, and people diversity and culture. Salesforce employees, along with others working on the other companies in the list, are perceived to be satisfied with their overall employee experience.

One of the Best Employers

Indeed based its rankings of top companies to work for by looking at companies under the Fortune 500 Index. They chose those who have 5,000 employees and above and those who got more than 100 reviews in a span of two years.

From the criteria that Indeed used, Salesforce emerged on the upper list as one of the best employers. Some of the reasons Salesforce landed on the top three include the following:

  • Salesforce’s strong culture of philanthropy
  • Fast-paced and challenging learning environment for tech-savvy employees
  • Emphasizes on company integrity, trust, and security
  • Employee opinion matters and is consistently heard, and doesn’t discriminate between titles and ranks
  • Diversity with a mix of fun-loving people from various cultures

Most of the employees who reviewed Salesforce and voiced their opinions to Indeed agreed on the abovementioned points, adding that their company truly deserves being included in the Best Employers list.


Salesforce has been included in Indeed’s list of Top Companies to Work for in 2018, landing in third place. While the company slid two places down the list, their reputation for being philanthropic, fun-loving, and challenging work environment still remains their stronghold to being one of the companies where employees can have a great working experience.

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