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Salesforce Opens Doors of San Francisco Tower to Education Groups and Nonprofits

Salesforce East Tower in San Francisco, California has opened up its 30th floor space to nonprofit organizations and education groups. Dubbed as the “Ohana Floor”, this space is open for use every weeknights and weekends, excluding Sundays.

Ohana Floor Opens Its Doors

Salesforce opened its Ohana Floor to organizations in early 2018. It is a great place for hosting group meetings, charity fundraising activities, thank-you events, and other similar functions. The spacious area can accommodate up to 150 people.

The Ohana Floor is open to the following groups for free use:

  • Community Groups within the Bay Area
  • National NGOs
  • International charitable NGOs
  • Educational Groups

Salesforce is slated to open the floor for general public use within this year 2019.

What the Ohana Floor Offers

The space is located at the 30th floor of Salesforce East Tower in San Francisco, California. It is a spacious area which features a 17,600 square foot lounge complete with lots of seating, conference tables, a coffee bar, and an industrial kitchen. Glass walls complete the floor’s look, giving users a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Ohana Floor features so-called “living columns” installed by David Brenner and Habitat Horticulture. The columns are surrounded by more than 20,000 living plants which showcase 128 plant species. These columns create a lively greenery within the floors that add freshness to the surrounding Bay Area view.

Their Way of Saying Thank You

Salesforce has grown into a highly successful company thanks to the enormous support it gets from the community it serves. The tech giant has since not stopped giving back to the San Francisco Bay Area community.

Giving back is imbibed in Salesforce’s company philosophy and culture. And opening its Ohana Floor to education groups and nonprofits for free is a small but significant way of giving their gratitude to the San Francisco community.

Summing It Up

Salesforce San Francisco Tower offers its 30th floor to education groups and NGOs to use for meetings and fundraiser activities at no cost. This so-called Ohana Floor features a spacious area complete with modern amenities, fresh greenery, and a lovely view of the Bay Area.

Groups interested to use the floor may book their reservations online through the Salesforce website. Ohana Floor is open Monday to Friday from 5-9pm, and on Saturdays from 9am-9pm. It is closed on Sundays.

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