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Salesforce Opens Up Nominations for This Year’s MVP

Salesforce has just announced that the nominations are open for the 2019 Salesforce MVP. And no, it’s not about sports. A Salesforce MVP is someone who goes above and beyond in helping the Salesforce community through demonstrating advocacy, leadership, generosity, and expertise. To be a Salesforce MVP is truly an honor.

The Salesforce MVP Criteria

So what makes an MVP? You need to know the qualifications before you can look for one in your community and nominate him or her. These are the characteristics Salesforce is looking for:

Expertise – The candidate should have a strong and current knowledge of the Ohana culture and Salesforce products.

Generosity – Responds and contributes actively and openly in helping others to succeed.

Leadership – Seeks opportunities consistently in innovation and leaving a path that others can follow.

Advocacy – Advocates Salesforce and its core values of equality, innovation, growth, and trust.

Real World Examples

So what do those characteristics look like in the real world? Here are some examples of showing advocacy, leadership, generosity, and expertise.

  • Sharing essential product insights and expertise, through blogs, books, chatter groups, and social channels.

  • Helping customers get the required answers quickly through the Trailblazer Community. This can be via Chatter Groups and Answers and answering Twitter #askforce posts.
  • Participating in programs such as Community Conferences, Mentorship Central, and Salesforce MVP Office Hours.

  • Leading and fostering community groups

  • Sharing success stories, connections, ideas, and insights to inspire the Trailblazers’ next generations.

How to Nominate

The nominees should have been active for at least a year in the community. This is the official nomination process:

  1. Nomination. This is open once a year.

  2. MVP Review. The first round of review is done by current MVPs.

  3. Stakeholder and Employee Review. Stakeholders and employees of Salesforce provide feedback.

  4. Final List. A list of the new Salesforce MVPs is created.

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