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Salesforce Plans Second UK Datacentre for 2019

CRM giant Salesforce announced the building of a second datacentre set to be opened in 2019. The new datacentre will be run on 100% renewable energy, as Salesforce sets its eyes on increasing environmental sustainability.

Salesforce is yet to announce specific details on the project, such as where exactly in UK it is to be built, how large it will be, and where the renewable energy will be sourced.

Stepping Up to Increasing Demands

United Kingdom was the first European country to ever benefit from the cloud computing technology of Salesforce. This paved the way for the creation of the first European datacentre in London in 2014.

However, the demand for cloud computing within European markets have recently increased. More business customers are shifting to cloud-based CRM programs to simplify their business needs. Hence, Salesforce is stepping up their game by introducing another datacentre in the heart of the United Kingdom.

The new datacentre will be opened in 2019 and will help accommodate the data management needs of an increasing number of UK customers. This new datacentre will ensure that UK clients are able to connect with their end customers in an excitingly efficient digital way.

New clients that will be served by this datacentre will include The Co-Op Group, Aston Martin, and Centrica Hive.

Taking Care of the European Markets

Salesforce’s move to expand its datacentres in the UK is also another step in making sure that the company’s European growth will continue to steadily go forward.

Two strong datacentres in the UK are just the beginning of a long, tedious, yet exciting journey to bring the efficiency of cloud CRM computing to the rest of the European continent.

Datacentres Going Green

Salesforce is committed to becoming environmentally sustainable as well. The cloud company achieved a net-zero greenhouse gas emission rating last 2017. The company also developed carbon-neutral cloud environments for its customers.

True to these steps towards sustainability, the new UK datacentre will be run on 100% green, renewable energy. Salesforce hasn’t released any specific details yet, but speculations are running that the company will use green tariffs from a certain utility to pay for the renewable energy sources of the new datacentre.


Salesforce is building a second UK datacentre to cater to the growing number of their customers as well as to the demands of their current UK customers. The renewable energy-run datacentre will be opened in 2019 and will continue to make Salesforce a stronghold in the cloud computing world within the UK and the rest of Europe.

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