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Salesforce Reaches New Heights on Cloud

Salesforce is one of the highly successful cloud computing companies today. This is all thanks to the company’s continuous efforts to improve on their Software-as-a-Service and customer relationship management programs in the cloud.

Revenues started out extremely well for Salesforce in 2018, with more than $3 billion generated revenues within the first quarter of the year alone. Not only that, Salesforce has recently acquired companies like MuleSoft and has continued to introduce exciting features for their cloud-based products.

Speaking of exciting new cloud features, here are some of the innovations that Salesforce recently developed to improve their already amazing cloud-based CRM programs.

Empowering Retail Through Innovations

The retail industry is transforming and leaning more towards the digital side today. Hence, Salesforce is here to help retailers smoothly transition from the usual business processes to the new digital-based ones. To start retailers on this exciting journey, Salesforce recently introduced the following cloud innovations:

  • Einstein Bots and Service Cloud LiveMessage features for automated live support on most social media and communication channels such as Messenger and SMS.
  • Einstein Vision, an integration and collaboration with Instagram to help marketers easily post shoppable contents on their own accounts.
  • Marketing Cloud Interaction Studio, a program that lets users create real-time interaction interface where they can study, visualize, and eventually deliver the most effective way to relate with their consumers in various media channels.
  • Automatic sending of personalized marketing communication materials through the Marketing Cloud Connector and the Commerce Cloud.
  • Salesforce Data Management Platform (DMP) together with Salesforce Einstein allows users to manage customer data in a way that will eventually translate to efficient media marketing and improved customer retention.
  • Einstein Splits, a new feature under Marketing Cloud that lets users build customer-specific journeys based on predicted customer behaviors gleaned from the Einstein interface.
  • Commerce Cloud B2B Commerce, a feature that lets business buyers experience the ease of consumer retail while combining it with the B2B-specific functionalities that they need.

All these exciting cloud features are set to debut this 2018. Some of them are in pilot stage already, while others are due to be released during the third quarter of the year.


With all the above-mentioned innovations, it’s indeed no wonder that Salesforce strives to reach new heights on the cloud. And they’re doing it extremely well. Salesforce brings the cloud to a fresher perspective and creates useful products that help in the digital transformation of the retail and marketing industry.

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