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Salesforce Sales Cloud Integrates with Google Analytics 360

When two equally powerful business data analyzing tools combine together, the result is more effective leads, better engagement of prospects, and an overall improved business for both the marketers and the end customers.
This is the vision of both Google and Salesforce, and they now come together to help businesses improve their performances and their streamline their marketing processes. This they do with the fusion of Google Analytics 360 and Salesforce Sales Cloud.

A Partnership Fueled by Passion for Business

Google made an announcement in November 2017 about their partnership with Salesforce to integrate Google Analytics with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. This integration has finally been achieved recently, in January 2018.
The two giant companies connected together to help businesses improve their performances in the areas of marketing, advertising, data analysis, and sales.

What the Integration Is All About

Google Analytics 360 is a subscription-based web analytics service for business enterprise users. Its main purpose is to monitor website traffic and collect information about website visits and visitor activities.
Meanwhile, Salesforce Sales Cloud is a CRM software aimed at automating and improving business-to-business and business-to-customer transactions.
These two powerful programs integrated with each other to create a perfect place for marketers to monitor customer’s activities, generate worthy leads, and track conversion rates.
Salesforce and Google rolled out its first integration – importing sales data such as opportunities and leads from the Salesforce Sales Cloud to Google Analytics 360.
What happens is that marketers can now view their generated sales pipeline data from Salesforce in their Google Analytics 360 account. This enables them to get a comprehensive view of their customer’s business journey. They can now see the probability of a customer converting to a possible prospect by analyzing his specific website activities and views from Google Analytics, and then correlating this data to opportunities and other data that can be gleaned from the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

In Summary

Google and Salesforce created a wonderful team-up to maximize the potentials of their programs – Analytics 360 and Sales Cloud.
The integration of these two platforms can now enable marketers to monitor customer activities, determine if they can be possible leads, and act at the right time to transform them into potential business prospects. Google and Salesforce now make it possible for marketers to improve their strategies aided by the data they can now get from the two powerful platforms.

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