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Salesforce Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Datorama

July 2018 was an important month for two giant companies – Salesforce and Datorama – as they signed a definitive agreement allowing Datorama to merge with Salesforce and join the ranks of the CRM company’s team.

Salesforce Acquires Datorama

Datorama is an AI-powered, cloud-based marketing analytics platform used by publishers, businesses, and agencies. The company works with marketing teams of distinguished brands such as Trivago, Unilever, Foursquare, Pepsi, and Ticketmaster to create data-driven decisions and enhance each of their marketing campaigns.

Salesforce acquired Datorama last July 2018 through a definitive agreement amounting to $800 million. The acquisition gave Datorama the perfect opportunity to enhance their data services through an integration with Salesforce’s marketing systems. It also gave Salesforce a boost in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s intelligence and integration aspects.

What to Expect

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is now enhanced by Datorama, giving its users expanded artificial intelligence use and more room for data integration. The merger will create a single platform for marketers where they can store, analyze, and share data about their marketing customers and campaigns.

Companies using both Salesforce and Datorama will find a centralized source of data to whom they can draw their marketing insights and shape their own marketing campaigns. They can also easily launch campaigns, track their progresses, and engage with both prospects and customers through the various features of the now-enhanced Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Personalized customer journeys can also be created through Salesforce and Datorama’s merger. Datorama’s artificial intelligence is now embedded in the Marketing Cloud, allowing marketers to easily look through individual customer data and automatically offer suggestions for plans on how to engage customers in their marketing campaigns.

Salesforce’s own native AI Einstein will also be enhanced through learning alongside Datorama’s AI capabilities.


Salesforce acquired another amazing data company, Datorama, in July of this year. This is an exciting acquisition as both companies are able to strengthen their marketing cloud offerings through the collaboration of each other’s features. Both Salesforce and Datorama users will experience various positive changes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud and in Datorama’s Engine platforms, delivering a single source of marketing data that will simplify and enhance the marketing campaigns of their users.

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