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All about Salesforce System Administrator

An organization needs a leader to guide them in reaching their common goals and objectives. This concept rings true for a single organization using Salesforce together. You will need a Salesforce leader who will facilitate most of the functions within your Salesforce org, and this person is formally called a Salesforce System Administrator.

Defining a Salesforce System Administrator

To understand better the formal definition of System Administrator in Salesforce, let’s take a quick look at what a Profile is first.

Profile is a set of permissions, functions, and settings that point out the roles of a specific Salesforce user. There are two types of profiles, Standard and Custom. Standard profiles are set by Salesforce by default, while Custom profiles are created by the org users themselves.

Now, System Administrator profile falls within the Standard profile category. The System Administrator functions as a leader of the entire org, performing vital tasks to keep the Salesforce org going. He has access to all of Salesforce functions that doesn’t need any additional licenses.

What System Administrators Do

Here are some of the things a Salesforce System Administrator is allowed to do in the system:

  • Assign and deactivate specific org users depending on their specific job assignments within the team
  • Grant permissions for each specific set of users
  • Implement security measures to protect sensitive information within the org
  • Customize and configure applications
  • Edit quotas and view/override forecasts
  • Use applications developed within AppExchange

And as a team leader, the system administrators may do the following for his org members:

  • Mentors his team so that they can use Salesforce correctly and maximize its benefits to the organization
  • Troubleshoots when certain technical problems happen
  • Oversees the migration or importation of valuable company data and checks for its quality
  • Keeps himself abreast of changes in the Salesforce program so that he can update him teammates as well
  • Secures the system to keep confidential and highly-valuable information safely within reach of concerned team members only

Administrator Training

A person who wishes to become a Salesforce Administrator should undergo an educational process first in order to become fully certified. He may enroll in the following training programs:

  • Salesforce University’s virtual and live sessions on “Administration Essentials for New Admins”
  • Salesforce Certification programs
  • Free online training via Salesforce Trailhead (Beginner Admin Trail) and Salesforce Help Training Modules (Getting Started: Administering Salesforce)

To sum it all up, a Salesforce System Administrator plays a key role in ensuring that Salesforce is properly implemented and used within an organization. He is allowed access to most of Salesforce’s licensed uses, and he leads his organization to CRM success through his actions and decisions.

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