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Salesforce to Help End Homelessness, says that it Owes its Past, Present, and Future to the City of San Francisco

Salesforce tweeted a powerful statement last October 9, 2018 which says, “We owe our past, present, and future to the city of San Francisco”.

This tweet represents Salesforce’s strong desire to give back to the community of San Francisco, which has been the company’s main home from its founding until the present time. And what better way to give back than to ensure that homelessness in San Francisco will gradually end.

Salesforce, San Francisco, and the Proposition-C

The city of San Francisco has been Salesforce’s home since its humble beginnings in 1999. Hence, it is fitting that the tech giant give back to the city where it flourished and grew to what it was now.

Homelessness has become a prime problem of the city. Efforts are being made to address this problem, and Proposition-C was one of the suggested remedies. Proposition-C is a ballot measure passed in November 2018 that aims to strengthen funding for various initiatives that will help end homelessness in San Francisco.

The catch with Proposition-C? 1% of the biggest companies in the city have to be taxed heavier than usual to help with the funding. And Salesforce strongman Marc Benioff sees no problem in that.

Benioff fully supports Proposition-C, as can be seen in the next part of the same tweet stated in this article. The tweet goes on to say “As the city’s largest private employer, we strive to use business as a #PlatformForChange. That is why we support #YesonC in addressing the complex issue of homelessness”. Hashtag #YesonC connotes the Proposition-C ballot measure in this tweet.

Salesforce Cares

Benioff has been rallying his employees to support the Proposition-C campaign as a way to give back to their beloved city San Francisco. Interviews reveal that he is passionate about ending homelessness and that he sees Proposition-C as an excellent way to do that. He knows that his company will have to shoulder additional expenses for this campaign to work, but he shrugs it off and says that people don’t have to pay much for Proposition-C to work.

Much of his employees are willing to follow his lead and are fully supportive of Salesforce’s decision to back-up Proposition-C. As they said, it is a way of giving back to the community that helped them grow their tech business into an empire.

Benioff is well-known as a philanthropical leader who never hesitates to throw in charitable work within his company for the benefit of the community, including his beloved city of San Francisco.

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