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Salesforce Tower is coming to Chicago in 2023!, Inc. has established plans for a major expansion in Chicago for 2023. This expansion entails a construction of a riverfront skyscraper known as Salesforce Tower Chicago. The planned skyscraper will be constructed at the intersection of Chicago River’s north and south branches. It would stand at 950 feet tall with 57 floors in total. The building will have a 2.3-acre public park and riverfront plaza adjacent to it and the river.

The expansion of Salesforce in Chicago would add around a thousand jobs to the city once the cloud-based software company’s building starts its operations. It also gives the company a closer presence to their largest data center, which is also located in Chicago.

According to a filing with the Security and Exchange Commission, Salesforce would be investing $475 million for the expansion. The amount would be spread out in minimum payments over a 17-year period.

Consistent with Salesforce values

Salesforce’s Chicago office will also have an Ohana Floor that is a characteristic of its’ other towers. This floor provides a 360 view of the windy city with open spaces for flexible hospitality. It would serve as a venue for company events on working hours, and for foundations and non-profits on weeknights and weekends. There will be no charge for Chicago-based non-profits organizations for using the Ohana Floor as a venue.

Moreover, the building stays committed to the company’s goal of sourcing all of its facilities’ energy needs from renewable sources by 2022. Salesforce signed a 80-megawatt power purchase agreement in 2018 with central Illinois-based Bright Stalk Wind Farm.

Other Planned Expansions

The Salesforce Tower in Chicago is just one of the many incoming towers for the company. Salesforce also has ongoing plans to construct new towers in various major cities worldwide. This is in line with their plan for world expansion. Other cities announced to have a Salesforce Tower include Tokyo and Dublin.

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