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Salesforce Tries to Give Publishers’ Data New Appeal to Marketers

Publishers know that there is huge potential under their sleeves. What is it? It is visitor data that they get in large volumes. Ad buyers will want to get their hands on that, right? So why haven’t they capitalized on it yet? Well, it’s due to the cost that will be charged by data brokers and the fact that they do not have the needed expertise.

Now Enters Salesforce

We all know Salesforce is all about customer relationship management. They are proposing a platform that may solve this issue. Remember that the goal is to be able to sell the data to online marketers, ad buyers, and anyone interested. However, do take note that Salesforce is still just pitching the idea and they haven’t launched any kind of solution just yet.
Nevertheless, some of the biggest publishers are already jumping in the bandwagon. Big names like Leaf Group,, and Variety have already bought the pitch. Other similar outfits are also buying into it, which gives everyone a hint of something big. If all these big industry players have pitched in, then it must have some potential, right?

The Salesforce Secret Sauce

What may be boosting investor confidence is that 700 million dollar acquisition that Salesforce undertook last year – Krux. Krux is a data management platform and it has been providing the very service that publishers need today. That kind of industry experience gives these key players the confidence to take on this new venture.
Have actually rebranded the original Krux service into what is known today as Salesforce Data Studio. The new setup breaks down the database into different tiers that are based on the quality of the data.
Salesforce will turnout as the third party peddler, which is how they will cash in on the deal. However, it benefits everyone involved. In fact it is reported that Leaf Group, for instance, is already gaining solid new revenue from using Data Studio.

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