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Salesforce UK Datacentre for 2019

Last May 2018, Salesforce gladly announced the plan of expanding its UK datacentres as it currently builds its second facility. Salesforce plans to open this second UK datacentre next year.

Higher Datacentre Demand for the UK

Salesforce is particularly active in the United States and Europe. Hence, a demand for increasing datacentres has surged so as to accommodate the expanding number of customers using the popular CRM platform.

United Kingdom is actually the first European country to have its own Salesforce datacentre. This facility was opened in London in 2014, and is now housed at the Salesforce Tower London.

However, a growing number of British companies have started to use Salesforce as their customer relationship management tool. The 2014 UK datacentre must be reinforced with another one so that Salesforce can continue smoothly serving its UK-based customers. That is why the plan for another datacentre has been set and is currently being realised in the UK today.

The new Salesforce datacentre will be serving a host of new clients, including Aston Martin, Centrica Hive, and The Co-Op Group.

A Sustainable Datacentre for All

Salesforce has committed itself to run the company in an environmentally sustainable way. The new datacentre in UK will be run using 100% renewable green energy. The company did not release specific details about where to obtain this renewable energy, but speculations have gone around stating that green tariffs taken from a special utility will be used to pay for the operating expenses of the renewable energy source.

Salesforce has actually committed itself to a greener working environment, having used carbon-neutral cloud environments for its users and having achieved zero greenhouse gas emission ratings for its working centres last year.


Salesforce is currently building a second datacentre in the UK, which is set to open for business on 2019. This is a green energy-powered centre that will cater to the growing needs of the UK businesses and industries.

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