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Salesforce Wants to Take the Health Insurance Industry to the Cloud

Salesforce recently announced that it would be launching a new cloud-based program that would especially benefit the health insurance industry. This is called Salesforce Health Cloud for Payers, set to be launched in October 2018. Here is a brief description and run-down on what to expect with this new innovation to the Health Cloud from Salesforce.

What Is the Health Cloud for Payers?

Salesforce introduced its Health Cloud in 2016, specifically enhancing the relationships of health care providers and their patients. Now, Health Cloud for Payers is a new addition to the Health Cloud which will deal with the patient payments generated from insurance-plan sponsors.

Health Cloud for Payers is a program that provides insurance carriers and plan sponsors access to the Health Cloud in order for them to lessen medical costs and improve their member’s experiences with them. The Health Cloud for Payers will become a patient database where the payers can view important medical information related to the processing of claims by their members.

Health Cloud for Payers Features

Here are some of the new features to be included in the Health Cloud for Payers. These features are especially created for health insurance workers:

  • Centralized Data Model for Members and Providers

Health insurance workers can now use the Health Cloud to view a centralized model and database for their members’ benefits, claims, procedures, and authorizations. This will allow them to process claims faster – benefitting members and healthcare provides as well.

  • Case Management Automation

Health Cloud has a system for automating the entire case management process – from obtaining an authorization request, payer’s approval of such request, and the tasks that would follow depending on the diagnosis and procedure of the member. This will provide transparency for the medical provider and insurance provider and speed up the process for the care to be delivered seamlessly to the patient.

  • Engagement with Members

Health Cloud will become a member-friendly place where insurance members can freely access information about their insurance plans and interact directly to their insurance plan sponsors. This feature will improve relationships between patients, members, and their insurance providers.


Salesforce Health Cloud for Payers is a new solution for health insurance companies to engage with their members and automate their own processes with ease and efficiency. It is set to simplify the payer’s work by taking the health insurance industry to the cloud.

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