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Salesforce what is a case

A Case is a customer support incident (feedback, problem, question) which can then be reviewed by support staff and later be turned into a task that will be resolved by the appropriate person. By using the Case functionality in Salesforce, you’re able to make the most out of every customer interaction and resolve issues in a quick, efficient, and organized manner.

It also helps streamline cases by integrating it in an existing knowledge base and then automatically escalating as a workflow task to the appropriate person who can solve the problem.

You can set it up so that you create cases based on the customer’s preferred form of contact whether it’s online forums, email, website, phone call, and more. You can manage cases in queues and define assignment and escalation rules. You are free to utilize as many case functionality offerings in Salesforce which will allow you to best support your customers.

How to Handle a Case

A support representative only needs to follow five basic steps during the lifecycle of a case.

1. Find out who the customer is and the level of support they must receive
2. Record details of the customer’s case whether it’s a comment, a question, feedback, or a concern and what service or product this is related to.
3. Identify the best solution to the case and attach the solution. If it’s a new issue with no recorded solution yet, you may create a new article or a solution.
4. Send the customer a response through their preferred form of contact.
5. Once all the details of the case have been completed, close the case.

Every organization is different and so the process for customer support may be slightly different from what we have outlined above. Be sure that your administrator and support team discuss how case management will be handled prior to using this functionality in Salesforce.

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