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Salesforce what is a lead

A Lead is used to store and track untouched prospects. Think of it as a business card. It’s simply someone’s name, their contact information and nothing else just yet. These are people who you could potentially do business with but have not yet qualified them since you are unsure if they are going to hire your products or services. For now, all that you know is that this is someone who may have some interest in your business.

Examples of Leads and How They Are Captured

A good example of a Lead is someone whose interest you captured whether it be your social media page, your website, or someone you met at a trade show. It is someone who has expressed interest in learning more about your company or someone you determined is worth following up with. You can also capture leads through the following methods:

– ads
– email marketing
– direct mail
– cold calls
– partnerships
– tv and radio
– events
– PR
– web forums
– referrals

It’s important to note that a Lead is a person and not a business although they may be associated with an organization that you will want to do business with. If you are not currently working with this new person, make sure to enter them as a Lead, and not as a Contact. Contacts are those that you are already actively selling, have sold to or are business partners with.

You can qualify a Lead by labelling them as either qualified or not qualified. If a Lead is qualified, you need to convert it in Salesforce where it automatically becomes both an Account and a Contact. It can also be converted to the default option which is an Opportunity.

You may then begin to establish a closed-loop follow-up process so no lead slips through the cracks.

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