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Salesforce what is a record type

Record Types allow you to create a different page layout for different records within the same object. It’s where you can create different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts for different users. Having different Record Types allow you to separate different records and processes into different slices of the database. From there, you can then designate a different page layout for each record type that will be viewable by each user.

Simply put, a Record Type is an important component in ensuring that your business process workflow goes smoothly since it allows you to have different flavors of records within your database.

In Salesforce, you’ll be working with standard and custom objects which do not have record types. Each Record Type will represent a process that you are managing within the overall object. You can also choose values available for a picklist on the object.

Record Types Example

To give you a real-world example of how Record Types are used, let’s go back to the Opportunity Stages.

1. Prospecting
2. Developing
3. Negotiation/Review
4. Price Quoting
5. Closed/Won
6. Closed/Lost

These are picklist values that you will be using to create a Record Type for your Opportunity. Looking at the list, there are two processes that you can organize using these picklist values: First Sale and Renewal

The first record type which is First Sale will include picklist values number 1 to 6 since it requires all the steps to make a first sale. The second Record Type which is Renewal will only have three picklist values number 4 to 6 since those are the only steps required for a customer to renew.

You can then create a unique page layout for these Record Types with the First Sale requiring more information fields in the layout since it involves so many steps and the Renewal only requiring less fields in the layout.

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