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Salesforce what is chatter

Chatter is a social and collaborative function of Salesforce which allows organizations to create communities from within the group. It’s where users can collaborate with each other and share their knowledge.

Users who already have a Salesforce account can use the application for free while those who don’t use Salesforce only need to pay $15 per user. Each person in the organization will have their own profile page where they can upload their picture as well as input work related information such as their role, manager, location, and contact information.

Social Media Like Functions

Chatter has a functionality which allows users to “follow” people and documents relevant to their role or task whether it’s a PDF, Word document, or an Excel sheet. Users can receive updates on the progress of these documents that they follow and respond with comments to colleagues in real time. This is very useful especially for businesses with departments working in different locations.

Like most popular social networks, Chatter lets you customize your feed and set-up the method for how notifications will be received. You can even post updates within your organization to keep your colleagues updated of what you’re doing throughout the workday.

Other functions of Chatter include:
1. Integrating third-party or custom apps
2. Use custom mobile actions to move the business forward
3. Create exclusive groups for certain activities where only select members have access to the discussion
4. Conduct polls and get feedback on a certain subject
5. Filter posts, answers, groups, files, and other materials by topic

And because Chatter is only accessible by those who belong to your organization, you don’t have to worry about private information being compromised. All collaboration is secured within Salesforce’s cloud.

Chatter is ideal for organizations that want to enhance their collaboration since the tool allows them to communicate and act immediately on opportunities in real time.

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