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Salesforce’s Marc Benioff on His Take on Inequality and Homelessness in San Francisco

Homelessness and inequality have become serious humanitarian issues in San Francisco, California. And Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff has spoken about its strong take on Proposition C, a controversial ballot aimed to increase funds to aid in eradicating homelessness in San Francisco.

Benioff Speaks on Mad Money

Marc Benioff gave a short interview on the October 29, 2018 episode of Mad Money with Jim Cramer. Here, he talks about his company Salesforce’s stand on the controversial Proposition C, days before the official voting period on the ballot takes place.

« We need to put a stake in the ground and prevent inequality in our communities and cities, » says Salesforce Co-CEO Benioff.

Benioff explains that San Francisco is hitting a paradoxical crisis – tech businesses are booming on one side, while poverty, homelessness, and inequality are flourishing on the other side. He says that this must stop, and one way of fighting these serious humanitarian issues is to vote for a Yes in the Proposition C ballots.

Salesforce has become so successful in San Francisco, and Benioff thinks that a yes vote on Proposition C is one small yet significant way for Salesforce employees to give back to the community.

About Proposition C

San Francisco’s controversial Proposition C ballot measure is all about imposing an additional 0.5% tax on tech companies that reach more than $50 million revenue. Money collected through this tax imposition will then be directed to a fund that provides relief for the 7,500 homeless citizens of San Francisco. Projected funds will also be used to prevent eviction of vulnerable people prone to be kicked out of their own homes.

Why Yes on Proposition C?

Host of Mad Money Jim Cramer asked Benioff why he is so eager in supporting Proposition C while other tech companies in San Francisco are against it. Benioff’s simple answer? Businesses must improve the state of the world, not just focus on building profits for their own pockets. Hence, Salesforce votes yes on Proposition C because Benioff wants his company to become a springboard for social change in the tech industry.

He then goes on to enumerate two of Salesforce’s biggest contributions to supporting Proposition C:

  • Around $5 million contributed for Prop C support campaigns
  • Salesforce employees clocking in volunteer hours for Prop C

His final message to viewers is that Salesforce is molding itself to become a Platform for Change, and that his company strongly supports Proposition C. He then urges the public to become supporters of Proposition C as well.

The Takeaway

Marc Benioff strongly believes in Proposition C’s capability to eradicate homelessness and inequality in San Francisco. He supports this controversial ballot measure and has urged his entire company Salesforce, as well as the general public, to vote Yes on C.

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