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Salesforce’s Marc Benioff on World Economic Forum 2019’s Taking Action for the Ocean Panel

Ocean protection has become one of the most pressing environmental issues today. Marine pollution, ocean acidification, water conservation, and damage to marine ecosystems are all current problems that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

But there is also no doubt that the oceans can greatly aid economic growth. The so-called “ocean economy” taps into the economic promise and potential of oceans, which is estimated to account for around 3%-5% of the world’s GDP.

The dilemma now arises – how can oceans be protected from damage while the world taps into its economic value? And what is the business leaders’ role in safeguarding the oceans?

Salesforce Co-CEO Marc Benioff joined a panel discussion regarding this matter during the World Economic Forum last January 2019. Here are some of his thoughts about the oceans and economy.

Outlining the Sources of Ocean Problems

Benioff enumerated the sources of several problems that the oceans are currently facing. He mentioned plastic pollution and dubbed plastics as this generation’s “nuclear waste”. He also talked about the devastating effects of seabed mining, including the automobiles used for that activity, the act of digging the seabed, and the toxic fumes that emanate from all the digging and mining under the ocean.

How Business Leaders Can Help

Benioff is a strong believer in using businesses as a platform for change. That is why he suggested that business leaders must encourage innovation within their companies to help save the oceans.

He also added philanthropy and research into the mix. Benioff pointed out the many philanthropies and researches undertaken to find life on other planets. He further stated that the enthusiasm, time, and money spent on those researches must ideally be done in the pursuit of environmental preservation first.

Benioff did his part by founding the Benioff Ocean Initiative, a program where people can share their ideas on saving the oceans and crowdsource projects for ocean protection.

Wrapping It Up

Marc Benioff is among the panelists in the World Economic Forum discussion about ocean economy and ocean preservation. He pointed out the devastating effects of plastic pollution and seabed mining in the oceans. His stand on the subject is clear – business leaders can make a change by fostering innovation and increasing philanthropy and research within their own institutions.

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