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Salesforce’s Take on Ethical Leadership and Business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Modern businesses aren’t just here to make profits. They also need to add equality and ethics to their business culture. But what exactly are the roles of businesses regarding ethics and equality, and how do they live up to these roles in today’s technology-driven world? Salesforce’s February 2019 report named Ethical Leadership and Business tackles these important concepts.

Here’s a preview of the main ideas presented in Salesforce’s special report. You’ll learn how businesses can use technology for driving good deeds in our modern world.

Bridging Equality Gaps

Businesses and tech leaders must be mindful of how they treat the community they are serving. The diversified communities make it a bit challenging for businesses to promote equality, but technological advancements now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution times have made it easier. Businesses can use technology to bridge equality gaps and knit the society together in unity.

Looking Beyond Profit-Making

People nowadays are looking for businesses that stand up and leave a positive impact on the communities and to the world. Consumers want businesses who care about people – not businesses who are just here to rampantly rake in profits.

Salesforce Research surveyed around 2,400 consumers in the United States and found out that:

  • 93% of consumers believe that businesses must look beyond their profit-making and create a positive impact on the world
  • 88% wanted businesses to make positive changes to society
  • 87% said that businesses must advocate human rights

Enterprises must go beyond the usual corporate social responsibility to fulfill the visions of their consumers. They must actually set aside profit-making schemes and use their influence to create true positive change in the community.

Ethics and Good Business Management

Adding tangible values and ethics to business not only helps drive societal change, but it also helps foster brand loyalty, customer following, and employee retaining. To support this claim, Salesforce Research again found out these numbers:

  • 86% of surveyed consumers will remain loyal to a brand with good ethics
  • 69% are willing to spend more on products and services coming from a business with good ethics
  • 72% of working people want their respective companies to fight for human rights
  • 79% of employees are willing to leave their employers if they demonstrate poor ethics

This shows that good ethics combined with good business management helps a company win the loyalty of both their customers and employees.

Capping It Off

Salesforce Research gathered the insights of 2,400 people and came up with the Ethical Leadership and Business report last February 2019. They found out the following key points:

  • Enterprises can and must leave footprints that bridge the equality gaps in this country.
  • People wanted businesses to actually care for their welfare, instead of being solely focused on profits.
  • Good ethics within a company enhance employee and customer loyalty.

Adding ethics to good business management skills will surely make a business rise on top during today’s Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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