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What is Search Layout in Salesforce

With several kinds of data loaded into an organization’s own Salesforce system, it can be difficult to scan through and search for a specific bit of data manually. There are also times when several kinds of fields need to be searched at once, but then, the system only presents a single field from the search results and leaves out the others for later. To solve this problem, Salesforce includes an option to find multiple data types and field numbers quickly-the Search Layout. This function will be defined and tackled in this post.

Definition of Salesforce Search Layout

Search Layout is a function, which enables users to customize the subject fields that will be displayed to users as search results. The function allows the developer to define particular field sets to show every time a search is done. Look up dialogs, lists found on custom tab pages, and custom list views can also be customized through the Search Layout.

What is it For?

Usually, when users search for an item, the global search function will only return standard record name field results. In lookup, it also does the same-displays a single standard record name field. Most of the time, a record search can be performed one at a time only. What if a user needs to look up multiple fields in global search or in look up function? That’s where Search layouts comes into play. Search Layouts help developers define additional multiple fields that will simultaneously be displayed when a global search or a lookup function is used.

Adding Fields using Search Layout

This feature can be activated by selecting SearchLayouts under the Customize > Account selection. Users will be presented with a list of available fields and another list of selected fields. Simply use the arrow keys to add the desired available fields to the selected fields. Again, the selected fields will be the ones that are displayed whenever a lookup or global search is performed.


There are some important points to look out for in Search layouts:

  • Long text fields and customized long text area fields cannot be added to the Search Layout fields.
  • Fields acting as identifiers cannot be removed.
  • Fields with formulas cannot be used for search result layouts.
  • Account teams, opportunity teams, and campaign members are not enabled to use the Search Layouts.
  • ms, and campaign members are not enabled to use the search layouts.

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