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How to Send Emails from Pardot

Sending important emails to clients and co-workers is an essential part of marketing automation processes. Salesforce knows this, so they have included this functionality on Pardot – Salesforce’s B2B marketing automation tool. In this article, you will learn how to send emails from the Pardot interface.

Pardot Email Automation Basics

In Pardot, creating and sending a single email involves these basic steps:

  1. Creating Email templates
  2. Creating a list where the email will be sent
  3. Sending the email to targeted recipients

Each step has various components which will be briefly discussed in the next sections.

How to Create Email Templates

The first step in creating and sending emails is to make a new email template:

  • From the Pardot interface, follow this path: Marketing – Emails – New Email Template.
  • Hit the Add Email Template button. Basic Template Information screen will appear.
  • Enter your desired name for this template. Add Tags if you want.
  • Select the Folder, then choose where to tag the template by selecting a Campaign.
  • Select from two types of email: HTML and Text or Text Only.
  • Look for the Available For option. Set preferences for who you want the new template to be available for.
  • Hit Save.

You now have the basic information created. You’ll now move on creating the actual email template contents. Start by choosing a layout, then enter your desired contents. Test how your completed email template looks like when sent to prospects. Once done, set your preferences for email sending, and publish the template. You’ll mostly work with the Building and Testing Tabs in this part.

How to Create a List to Send Your Emails To

As a marketer, your emails are often geared at several prospective clients, depending on your business goals. So, the second step in Pardot will be creating a list outlining the recipients of the email template.

  • Start by hitting the Marketing tab, then choose Segmentation.
  • Click on Lists.
  • Select the Add list button.
  • Now, you can either add a dynamic list or a static list.

Dynamic lists use list criteria to determine which prospective email recipients will be added or removed from time to time. The list is often updated to reflect changes in prospects. Static lists, on the other hand, use automation rules for adding fixed prospects to the list.

How to Send a New List Email

After determining your prospects list, it’s time to revise the email for final touches and send the email to your clients.

  • Follow this path: Marketing tab – Emails – Drafts.
  • Click the Send New List Email button.
  • Tick the Start Email from Template checkbox.
  • Name your List Email and make necessary changes to the email copy as needed.
  • Once done, hit the Sending tab.
  • Select the list where you’ll send the email.
  • Send out your email. Choose whether to send immediately or at a specified scheduled time.

After following these steps, you’ll be able to make new emails and send them out to your customers with ease. Three processes with easy to follow steps are all you need to get the email sending job done.

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