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How to Send Engage Emails in Pardot

Managing your company’s marketing branch entails communication between you and your target customers. Salesforce Pardot allows you to do this by including an easy email builder that lets you send customized emails to all of your project contacts and leads through Engage Campaigns. This post will show you how to send emails in Engage Campaigns.

Sending Engage Emails

You have the option to send emails to either a single lead or to multiple ones. The entire set of steps to send emails is actually the same for both recipient option. The difference lies only on selecting your intended recipient’s contact details.

Here are the steps in sending Engage Campaign emails:

  • Navigate to the Salesforce interface.
  • Go to your list of contacts or records:
    • For single Engage emails: select one contact record, then click Send Engage Email.
    • For multiple Engage emails: select all the contact records you wish to email. Click Send Engage Emails.
  • Start writing your email:
    • You may pick any email template you wish to use. Once you have your template, simply click on the Edit tab to change the default email subject and email body.
    • If you wish to create an email copy from scratch, skip the template selections and click anywhere inside the Email Composer to start writing.
  • Once you’re finished writing, click on Preview to review your email.
  • Click Send.

Considerations in Email Writing and Sending

  • The Pardot administrator sets an email sending limit for the entire organization. Try to stay within the limits to avoid any errors. Should you need to broaden the numerical email limit, please contact your administrator.
  • You may send an email to more than 10 recipients at one time. But you will have to mark a message stating the following: I confirm I have an established business relationship with these contacts and leads and I comply with the permission based marketing policy set by Pardot.
  • An unsubscribe tag shall be automatically inserted in the email body if it is to be sent to more than 10 prospects at the same time.
  • If your email fails to be sent to any of your recipients, you will receive a notification email from Pardot.
  • Prospects tagged as Do Not Email cannot receive an email sent collectively to several other prospects. However, they can still receive one-to-one emails.

Communicating to your prospects is made easier with Pardot’s Engage Campaign Email. You simply need to follow easy email sending steps, and you’re ready to instantly connect with your prospect customers.

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