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What Is Service Cloud Portal in Salesforce

Salesforce Service Cloud is the platform that Salesforce has for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This platform is what users use for customer service and support and is fine-tuned in accordance with the user’s CRM software used by their sales professionals.


Not all users of Salesforce in a particular organization have access to the Service Cloud Portal. Only users with High Volume Customer Portal license have that access. Those who have access can do unlimited logins to view information on customer support. Accessible customer information includes accounts, cases, assets, documents, custom objects, questions, price books, solutions, ideas etc.

Different levels of permission can be granted to individual users in the organization, and depending on the permission granted to an individual user, he or she is allowed to create, read, update and/or delete information.


For your customer service department:

To have a good overview of the activities of the customer service team – this is paramount to achieving success. Salesforce allows managers to understand how their team fares in terms of response to customers and satisfaction scores. That way, it is easier to see and address performance loopholes and make the team aware of areas for improvement.

For performance analysis, you can use the Omni Routing and the Service Wave Analytics of the software, with the first having the ability to provide performance metrics and the second one being able to track KPIs that are important to your business.

For your customers:

Being able to keep all customer information organized in one place can help you understand them better and predict their future needs.

Further, the software can give you details of trends and history of transactions of every individual customer, so that the next time they transact with you, you know exactly how to meet their needs and meet those needs within the shortest time possible.

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