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With the top performing service platform by Salesforce, Service Cloud, you can deliver personalized and efficient support to your customers even when you’re on the go.

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Provide Multi-Channel Support

Whether they prefer contacting you via voice call, email, chat or SMS using their mobile devices or their computers, you can serve them without any problems. With Service Cloud’s LiveMessage, you can provide efficient customer support through different channels and through different devices.

Enhance Support Quality

With the Salesforce signature AI, Einstein Analytics, you can improve your customer support services. With Salesforce Einstein, you can get deeper insights on customers and personalize your service based on their data. Also, you can get recommendations on actions and get full view of your team’s performances through the dashboard.

View All Related Data at Once

Get a bird’s eye view on all the information and access points relevant to a case. Even if a case encompasses different departments, you can get everything you need with the all-in-one CRM solution that connects and displays relevant data in one console.

Improve Onsite Support Efficiency

With Salesforce Einstein, you can ensure that your product repair technicians have the right equipment, tools and parts that they will need to complete the job right on the spot. By improving your onsite service operations, you can greatly improve your customer guarantee and satisfaction.

Minimize Cases

With Service Cloud, you can build self-service portals that will provide customers with information about product operation details and troubleshooting procedures, as well as connect them to subject experts and peers.

Service Cloud is equipped with top performing features by Salesforce, including the Lightning Service Console.

Customer service is a crucial part of any business, so Salesforce determined to help you out by producing an all-in-one service platform that possesses all the right features.

Improve your business’ case management and case handling process with these Lighting features:

Lightning Service Console

With the Lightning Service Console, you can save all customer-related information in one place. Agents can get a 360 degree view on customers and cases so there is minimal delay in data recovery during investigations. Boost agent performance and productivity by making all customer information readily available to speed up case resolution processes.


Case Management

Streamline all customer information and case reports into one place and access them through dashboards. By providing quick and easy access to customer data, agents can resolve cases in a faster, more efficient manner.

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Boost team performance and productivity in case resolution by use of a service platform with these features:

Workflow and Approvals

Easily design and automate your customer service processes using Workflow’s drag and drop designing system. Automate approval processes for faster service solutions.

Telephony Integration

Integrate your customer service platform with CTI systems. Instantly log notes during customer calls. Manage calls and logs even without using a phone.

Automation with Macros

Set up an automated multi-step response system for resolving common, repetitive customer issues and queries. Using automated macros enable you to free up your customer support agents so they can focus on more important tasks.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

•Get real time reports on cases and integrate them with customer information so you can track cases more efficiently.

Omni-Channel Routing

Match cases with agents that have the best skills relevant to solving the case. Avoid cases being mishandled because of agent mismatch.

Social Customer Service

Respond to customer’s posts and queries on social media channels. Allows you to provide reliable and timely customer service through any channel.

Account and Contact Management

Prepare agents for calls and queries by making all critical data available to them.

Asset and Order Management

Get access to information on customer’s orders, assets, and activity history. Manage data and updates to keep track of customer issues and cases.


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