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How to Set Up Channel in Salesforce

Delivering quality customer care services require that your agents are able to respond to the particular queries and needs of the customer properly and promptly. That is why Salesforce created the Omni-Channel for Administrators. The Omni-Channel is a useful feature that improves the quality of your call center agents in handling various customer queries.

This post briefly explains what an Omni-channel is, and how to support its installation and setup.

Omni-Channel Defined

Omni-Channel is a process feature for customer service and care. It enables your call center to direct incoming work items to the most available and qualified agents in your organization. Leads, cases, and chats are automatically directed to the agent that’s most qualified to take and complete the work.

Omni-Channel increases the delivery of quality customer service by allowing administrators to properly prioritize work items and delegate them to the agent that can likely handle each work case successfully. Enabling Omni-Channel on your Salesforce console helps you automatically assign projects to your agents, without the need to select these assignments manually from a queue.

Configuring Omni-Channel in Salesforce

Omni-Channel follows a code-free configuration process that’s easy to follow. Here are the steps to setting up Omni-Channel for first time use:

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Go to the Quick Find Box and type in Omni-Channel Settings.
  • Select Omni-Channel Settings.
  • Choose the option Enable Omni-Channel.
  • Hit Save.

It’s that easy to configure Omni-Channel in your Salesforce console!

Creating Service Channels

Service channels allow you to turn most Salesforce objects into work records. Omni-Channel then works to automatically pick out work records and route them to the agent that will handle the work item.

Here’s how to create service channels:

  • Navigate to Setup.
  • Go to the Quick Find Box and type Service Channels.
  • Select Service Channels.
  • Click on New.
  • You will be prompted to specify your chosen settings for the Service Channel Name, API Name, Related Object Type, and Work Item Component.
  • Once done, save your settings.

In summary, Omni-Channels allow better customer service by automating the designation of work assignments to your agents. The use of service channels also allows the transformation of Salesforce objects into work items that your agents can pick-up and resolve. All of these leads to better customer service and a higher satisfaction rate for your end-customers.

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