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How to Set Up Omni-Channel in Salesforce

Delegating relevant tasks to agents within your organization is important to ensure that you’re giving smooth customer service to your valued clients. Salesforce understands this fact and came up with the Omni-Channel tool to help customer service call center administrators in routing work items to their agents seamlessly.

This post will tackle the steps needed to set up an Omni-Channel within your organization.

What is Omni-Channel?

Omni-Channel is a Salesforce feature that allows administrator users to successfully manage work routing. Omni-Channel automatically sends important work items to agents depending on their work capacities and lines of specialization. This feature can be implemented to an entire organization even if the administrator does not know how to code.

Setting Up Omni-Channel for First Time Use

Follow the steps needed to start using Omni-Channel for your organization:

  1. Enable Omni-Channel use:
  • Go to Setup and locate Quick Find Box.
  • Type in Omni-Channel Settings and choose Omni-Channel Settings.
  • Click Enable Omni-Channel, then Save.
  1. Enable Skills-Based Routing use:
  • From Setup, go to Quick Find Box and type Omni-Channel.
  • Click Omni-Channel Settings.
  • Click Use Skills-Based Routing, then Save.
  1. Set-up Skills under Skills-Based Routing. This is important so that you can segregate work items based on your agent’s expertise:
  • From Setup, go to Quick Find Box and enter Omni-Channel.
  • Select Skills.
  • Click on New and type in a name for a particular skill.
  • Optionally enter a description for the skill.
  • Leave Assign Users and Assign Profiles sections as it is.
  • Add the new skill to Service Resources, then Save everything.
  1. Create your agent’s Service Resources. Bear in mind that one Service Resource represents an individual agent:
  • Go to the Service Resources tab and click on New.
  • Type in your agent’s name under Name.
  • Tick on the Active checkbox to enable the service resource to receive work assignments.
  • Select an agent under User by using the lookup icon.
  • Choose Agent under Resource Type.
  • Hit Save.
  1. Create and assign Skills to the agents using Service Resources:
  • Go back to the Service Resources tab and click on a service resource you want.
  • Select New Service Resource Skill from the Skills related checklist, then choose a skill you want.
  • Type in the start date. Enter an end date if you wish to have the agent get recertified for the particular skill.
  • Hit Save.

Once all of these are done, you may start routing work items to agents by creating a Skills-Based Workflow that triggers Skills-Based Routing.


Omni-Channel allows administrators to allocate work assignments to their agents using procedures that do not require code. Allowing Omni-Channels to work for your organization automates work assignments for the agents according to their specific skill sets, making them more effective in addressing customer concerns and issues.

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