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How to Set Up Requested Meeting in Salesforce

Salesforce comes with a Cloud Scheduler to use for scheduling meetings. To start using the function, click the New Meeting Request button, which is available by default. The button can be found on the list related to Open Activities section, specifically on the page where details of person accounts, lead, contacts, and co-workers are displayed.

User Permission

A user must have the “Edit Events” and the “Send Email” permissions to be able to request meetings. Users with no required permissions will not be able to:

  • See the request button on the Open Activities list.
  • Edit, reschedule or cancel meetings that have already been set up or requested.

Request a Meeting Steps

It is pretty easy to use the program to request a meeting:

  • Go to the Home tab and then to the Calendar section. Alternatively, you can access the list on the Open Activities.
  • Click the New Meeting Request button. If the button can’t be found, you need to add it first. Get help from your organization’s Salesforce administrator.
  • Click the “TO” button for leads, co-workers, person accounts, and contacts to invite to the meeting.
  • Enter the name. Then Click “GO”.
  • Go to the Search Results area. Find the names of the people you will be inviting. Click “Insert Selected”. Then click “DONE”.

For names you want to delete from the list, click “x” on the box next to the names. You may include up to 50 invitees only per meeting request. Only users of Salesforce can be included in the request.

It is recommended that Sales for Outlook be installed. This will allow synchronization of events between Outlook and Salesforce. When checking your meeting times, update your Salesforce calendar first. Salesforce can then guide you in choosing the right meeting times by showing you your busy and free times.

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