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How to set up revenue schedule in Salesforce

In the Salesforce CRM, you can also create a revenue schedule but you must first set up the necessary product schedules from which the former will be based on. Basically, your product reports will provide the data necessary for the program to create corresponding payments and revenue reports.

Craft a Revenue Report

To create your revenue report, create your product schedules first. You can edit existing schedules or add new ones, whichever you deem necessary. Find the “Opportunities” tab and click on that to start the process. Make sure that you review all examples and considerations provided.

When the data on products have been added, click any of the available product labels on the “Products” tab. When you click on this tab, you’ll get a list of your inventory, which in this case are classified as “Opportunities.”

Proper Product Selection

Select your product then click the “Establish” button to craft your schedule. If there’s an existent schedule that you wish to change, you can delete it by hitting the “Re-Establish” button. This will let Salesforce know that you want to create a brand new schedule.

Just like the reports, you must choose the right type for this. Here, select “Revenue” and start configuring the details. You will find a list of available fields that you can use for this.

Saving and Editing

After you input everything, simply hit the “Save” button. At any time, you have the ability to make changes when it comes to the installments you have put in place. To do so, just look for the “Edit” button then repeat the process.

Creating a revenue schedule is pretty simple. But just in case you encounter any obstacles, you will be happy to know that Salesforce has a “Quick Find” and “Help” feature that you can easily access to find the categories, functions, and fields that you require.

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