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What Is Subscriber Organization in Salesforce?

Salesforce has a subscriber organization page where you can directly access your customers’ organization. A permission to access a customer’s organization must be granted first by the customer. Otherwise, you cannot include that customer in your Subscriber Organizations list.

Before a customer’s organization can be included, they must have first installed at least one managed packaged. That package is also connected to your License Management App (LMA).

A user needs the “Log In to Subscriber Organization” permission before he can make additions or changes in the listing and details pertaining to a customer’s information.

How to Find a Subscriber from the List

Once a customer/user has granted you access, go to your LMA page and click the “Subscriber” tab. On the page where you will be directed, just type the name of the organization you are looking for (or enter their ID) in the search box. Click “Search”. The list will appear to you. Click the name of that organization to view their information.

After you’re done with troubleshooting or anything you need to do, access the Setup button and click “Return to Subscriber Overview” to go back to your own organization.


Using this feature, you can gain access to all information about your subscribers. Information such as their Salesforce edition and whether they are already over specified limits is accessible through the system.

Subscribers can also allow you to have log-in access for troubleshooting problems directly through the app. Once permission to access their organization is granted, you can view their organization’s data and configuration to troubleshoot their problems.

The feature is also available to organizations you have designated as Salesforce partners. If needed, get more information about the Salesforce Partner’s program. Check if this particular program can also benefit your organization.

Full License Required

Only organizations with a full Salesforce license can enjoy using the Subscriber Organizations feature.

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