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Survey Uncovers Top 2019 Marketing Trends

Salesforce reveals the top marketing trends for 2019 in the fifth edition of their State of Marketing Report. In this report, the company surveyed more than 4,100 of the leading marketing professionals all around the globe. It provides valuable insights on the strategic considerations, hurdles, and technologies transforming the marketing profession.

The report show brands have significant access to data and start to lean towards personalization for customization. Marketing professionals also start to place importance on the customer’s trust and overall experience.

Increasing priority on customer experience

There is an increasing emphasis on customer-oriented metrics over common marketing metrics in measuring marketing success. Marketers who have done so and responded accordingly have created more leads, and acquired more customers and upsells.

Furthermore, customer satisfaction has become altogether different recently. It would not be enough provide a personalized experience to a customer. This approach is not even enough for a brand to be noteworthy. Now, customers expect brands to anticipate their needs.

More Widespread Use of Artificial Intelligence

To acquire the information to anticipate the needs and expectations of customers, marketing professionals started the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in previous years. AI use increased by nine percent in 2018 from 2017’s 20%. Also, this increase is also reflected on the use of sophisticated tools, like Internet of things and augmented reality, in their profession.

An emphasis on customer trust

The increased capability to gather, analyze, and track customer data have inspired scrutiny from customers and regulators. However, this scrutiny is alleviated from customers as long as companies are transparent, and show positive results with its use.

Marketers respond to this by balancing personalization and privacy. However, there is difficulty in meeting regulatory obligations since only 30% of marketing professionals are satisfied with their ability to satisfy customer expectations and regulation at the same time.

Knowing these insights from Salesforce’s report, there is a clear change in marketing these days. High-performing marketers are even claiming that traditional marketing approaches are no longer effective. And, with the report reflecting this statement, it would be no surprise if newer approaches increase in use in the future.



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