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T-Mobile Cuts Order Placing Time to 5 Minutes

When it comes to placing an order, the less time it takes for the customer to do it, the faster the order is converted into sales. And T-Mobile, with the help of Salesforce, has cut down the procedure to 5 minutes. That’s a huge improvement considering that order placing used to take almost half a day.

Give Them What They Want

T-Mobile is one of the leading mobile communications and data provider in the US. What makes them the leader? They listen to the customers and give them what they ask for. A common complaint with a competing carrier is the long time it takes to place an order.

Customer-obsessed Revolution

From throwing out high data limits, cheaper roaming fees, and easier service contracts T-Mobile has made the customers their top priority. They started offering unlimited 4G LTE data since 2016 and replaced automated voice operators with live ones. Customers calling for help get to speak with real people, not some robotic recordings.

People Are Loving It

The customer-focused style seems to be working well for T-Mobile and the numbers don’t lie – 76 million satisfied customers. Of course, this translates to higher earnings for the stockholders since their stock has more than quadrupled since being offered to the public in 2013. J.D. Power also rated T-Mobile the top in wireless customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Enhanced CRM

T-Mobile for Business has been using Salesforce for basic CRM functionality since 2008. Using a custom app, the telecommunications giant has streamlined retail sales. Reps can now Salesforce to capture leads as well as manage appointments. This is essential for faster handing off of data containing orders to the back-end system.

Expanding Integration

Training on the new app is still ongoing with T-Mobile’s representatives. Soon it will be expanded to consumer business so leads can be shared between online shopping sites, in-store retail associates, and telesales team.

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