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What is Tag Cloud in Salesforce?

Your organization may need access to data across all objects in your Salesforce records. This is something that the View and Report function can’t provide. The View and Report can only give you data from a certain object and not from all objects. Getting data from all objects is possible only with the Tags function.

However, searchable data through the Tags function are only those that are related to a certain keyword. This and the inability to run a report (based on Tags) are two of the drawbacks of this function.

What’s a tag cloud?

A tag cloud is a visual collection of user-generated tags. The generated tags are presented in different fonts and colors. Bigger fonts (and different colors) are used to emphasize the importance or prominence of certain tags. The visual depiction of tags in one place can be shaped like a cloud.

What’s good about Tags (and tag clouds) is that they are used by Users for the most part. On the other hand, Administrators have to maintain records categorized through custom fields.

How to Set up Tags

On your Salesforce page, access the Tag Setting. From Set up, go to App Set up, then to Customize, then to Tags and lastly to Tags Setting. You will find two boxes there marked as Enable Personal Tags and Enable Private Tags. Public Tags are accessible to all Users in your organization. Once these are added to the Layout, you can create tags by just clicking the appropriate buttons.

There are limits to the number of tags that can be created per user. Only 500 personal tags can be created. Also the number of searchable objects is limited. Up to 5000 objects can be included by a user. For all users, the limit is 5 million tags. Organizations with a very large number of users might find these constraints limiting. However, for them, there is always the View and Report function to use as back up.

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