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Tech Education Facebook, Google & Salesforce Commit $300M

Tech giants Salesforce, Google, and Facebook are committing 50 million dollars each as part of a government backed campaign effort to back STEM education. These tech giants cover 50 percent of the total $300 million private sector commitment. Other companies that will contribute to the said amount include Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and General Motors.

The White House Commitment

The White House announced that it will be dedicating education grants each year that will total up to $200 million. The goal is to boost education and technical skills of the rising generation in the fields of math, engineering, tech, as well as science. The focus is on bridging that skills gap to equip next generation Americans qualifying them for technical and scientific jobs.
It is still unclear where the funds will be coming from however the current administration says they will be diverting existing funds. Remember that STEM is one of the programs that the Trump administration inherited from its predecessor.
STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. It was one of the priorities of the Obama Administration, which pledged to raise $1 billion from the private sector. With emphasis and support in education in these fields, the current administration is equipping tomorrow’s workers for the jobs of tomorrow.

The Coming of 5G Technology

It is already a fact of life that technology is fast and ever evolving. And it will still have a huge shift in the not so distant future with the impending introduction of 5G and other technologies. Imagine driving in an autonomous vehicle.
With that in mind, the youth of America should be prepared for tomorrow’s demands. Salesforce for their part has volunteered 1 million volunteer hours from its employees to help kids in the K-12 program dedicating efforts in the field of computer science. On top of that, the company has already contributed since 1999 $65 million to different school districts.

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