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Tech Giants Amazon, Microsoft, and Salesforce Invest in a CRM Company

It rarely happens that huge competitors decide to invest in the same company. However, a CRM company drew funding from four big companies: Amazon, Comcast, Microsoft, and Salesforce.

Along with other well-known VC investors, such as Redpoint Ventures and Accel Partners, the said tech giants invested $27 million into, which brings up its total amount of capital to $53 million.

What Makes Special?

It’s quite simple: voice recognition. uses artificial intelligence or AI to find a solution for a CRM problem that many clients always complain about – how to get their sales personnel to use the system.

With the use of voice-enabled technology, they can simply talk to their devices and ask their CRM systems anything about sales history, product information, preferences, and orders while they are in a conference room, in their car, or on the go.

 What Does Exactly Do? is on call anytime and designed to be a personal assistant of a sales person. It automatically inputs customer insights and deals to the device and provides suggestions on the next best move. It has powerful voice features that can quickly switch conversations and know the personal preference of the user to allow sales people to keep their conversations going and discover solutions that are not necessarily programmed to a certain script. Moreover, it would sync with CRM systems created by Salesforce and Amazon while running on cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services.

It is not a secret that huge tech companies are greatly investing in voice automation technologies. However, consumer driven devices like Cortana and Alexa are getting most of the attention. Nevertheless, huge steps are being taken quietly so that this technology can help companies improve the automation of their customer service and sales processes.

As the technology develops, it will help service and sales people improve the use of their CRM systems to complete tasks conversationally, collaborate with their co-workers, interact with customers, and manage deals.

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