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The NEW Health Cloud for Payers, Coming October 2018!

Salesforce is ready to change the way the health insurance industry works. The cloud computing giant announced that a new innovation to the already existing Salesforce Health Cloud is going to be launched in October 2018. It’s called the Health Cloud for Payers, a program specifically targeted to meet the needs of people working in the health insurance agencies.

What is the New Health Cloud for Payers For?

Health Cloud for Payers offers health insurance plan sponsors and their members an innovative way to transact business, monitor processes, and relate to each other about insurance-related issues. It is simply 2016’s Salesforce Health Cloud revamped to give exciting new features specific for the insurance industry.

The following are special features that Salesforce incorporated into the Health Cloud for Payers:

  • A Single Information Database for Insurance Providers and its Members

Payers and insurance sponsors now have a centralized platform where they can access important Health Cloud features that they need to efficiently process the medical claims of their members. This is an important milestone for the insurance industry since the present non-automated practice entails that the insurance sponsor’s agents visit the hospitals or clinics to personally check the medical files of their members filing for a claim. With the Health Cloud’s automated central database, time and energy will be saved on the part of the insurance sponsors.

  • Automated Tasks for Cases

Members and insurance providers alike will be able to interact with one another through the Health Cloud, automating the processes used to file and approve or reject a health claim. Issuance of authorization letters, review of patient files, processing of balances, and approvals or rejections of medical claims can all be done within the new system, with automated tasks activated for each response to a previous task. Transparency of transactions is also here, since both member and provider can track the claim progress easily.

Health Cloud for Payers is also a great platform for two-way communication to occur between members and providers. For instance, members can learn more about their insurance policies, while providers can keep track of payments and member claim histories.


All in all, Salesforce’s new Health Cloud for Payers is sure to revolutionize the health insurance industry. Not only does it simplify workloads and processes, it also helps providers engage with their members in a whole new way. The cloud-based program will be available by October 2018.

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