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The Patient Experience: Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce has launched their CRM for healthcare called Salesforce Health Cloud. It aims to help health care providers put their patients into the center of their care.
Salesforce made the Salesforce Health Cloud available to all starting March 2016. It is a revolutionary product that can change the face of healthcare and health delivery systems.

Filling in the Outdated Gaps in Healthcare IT

Patient care management programs are used in several hospitals in the country. However, they are stuck in their initial versions and have failed to keep up with modern technology. The outdated IT systems used in the healthcare industry may possibly become a hindrance to the delivery of total health care to patients.
The revolution of IT in the healthcare field dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. Revenue-cycle management systems were the trend back then, which recently evolved into electronic health records that we use today. Are these EHRs enough to satisfy the outcome-based treatment of patients inside hospitals and care centers? No.
It’s actually a fact; while healthcare seeks to alleviate the suffering of ailing people, it is and will remain a business. EHRs of today are mostly focused on generating revenue from health care reimbursement. Salesforce sought to create a program that will drive focus to the patients themselves, and not just on the revenue.

What Salesforce Health Cloud Does

Salesforce Health Cloud seeks to unify IT and healthcare into one neat package.
The Health Cloud not only manages patient data and documents care procedures accurately; it has new features that aren’t present in your conventional Electronic Health Records. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Connects patients and healthcare providers to enable continuity of care anytime, anywhere, and on any device
  • A Today screen to remind providers about patient health issues they need to address daily
  • Easy-to-read patient histories and clinical data from the Patient Profile and Timelines
  • Salesforce Shield, a program that lets users manage, archive, or audit clinical and patient data
  • Communities for providers to collaborate, share their views, and assign tasks to fellow health care givers

All these features are created to help providers easily plan and document care, and ultimately guide them to patient-centered action right away. They spend less time on their systems and more time on their patient’s bedsides.

Shaping the Future of Patient-Driven Modern Healthcare

With the creation, launch, and use of Salesforce Health Cloud, the company hopes that the healthcare industry will greatly improve in terms of healthcare planning, delivery, and documentation. Salesforce also wants healthcare providers to use this program to help understand their patients more and give time to creating a supportive healthcare relationship with them.

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