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The Salesforce Basecamp Dates in 2018

Salesforce released the dates for their annual Salesforce Basecamp for the year 2018. The Salesforce Basecamp is an educational event where participants will learn more about how to enrich their experiences in customer service through innovation and technology. This activity is held in various cities across the United States.

What, When, Where

Here is a list of places and dates where the Salesforce Basecamp 2018 will commence.





July 10, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp Ritz-Carlton Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina 2:30-6:00 PM
Salesforce Basecamp for Service Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas 2:30-6:00 PM
July 11, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp for IT Renaissance Newport Beach, Los Angeles, California (Orange County) 2:30-6:00 PM
July 12, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp for Sales Four Seasons St. Louis, St. Louis, Missouri 1:30-6:00 PM
Salesforce Basecamp for Marketing Grand Hyatt San Francisco, San Francisco, California 2:30-6:00 PM
July 17, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp Westin Book Cadillac, Detroit, Michigan 2:30-6:00 PM
July 18, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp The Nines, Portland, Oregon 3:00-6:00 PM
July 19, 2018 Salesforce Basecamp for Manufacturing Minneapolis Marriot City Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota 1:30-5:30 PM

Head on to Salesforce’s website to register for the upcoming events near you.

Why Attend The Various Salesforce Basecamp Events

Salesforce Basecamps are designed to help you understand how technology, through the Salesforce platforms, can improve your business processes and lead to better customer satisfaction in the long run.

You might have noticed that there are several types of Basecamps you may attend based on your business needs. These Basecamps are specifically tailored to answer different needs on each specific industry:

  • Service – Basecamp for Service focuses on how to deliver quality service through the Salesforce platform to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Information Technology – Basecamp for IT helps you understand how to weave in artificial intelligence, data, and customer satisfaction in one package.
  • Sales – Basecamp for Sales teaches you techniques to increase sales and productivity using Salesforce platforms.
  • Marketing – Basecamp for Marketing gives you insights on how to grow your business with technology-driven intelligent marketing.
  • Manufacturing – Basecamp for Manufacturing lets you in on the manufacturing industry’s current situation in the digital world.


Salesforce Basecamps are a series of events that deliver rich educational experiences for entrepreneurs who want to move their businesses to a more efficient digital platform. Attending a Basecamp is a tiny yet significant step to improving your business and further enhancing customer satisfaction. Take advantage of these free seminars and sign up now on Salesforce’s website.

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