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The Salesforce Google partnership just got better

In November 2017, Salesforce has announced a strategic partnership with none other than Google. The partnership has been well-received as two of the world’s most innovative brands have come to work together. A few months later, both companies have given a peek at what’s in store for their joint customers.


First, they have announced that data from the Salesforce CRM tool can now be exported to Google Analytics 360. This allows clients to get a glimpse of their customer’s journey from the moment of their initial contact to the time they complete a sale.


Second, both companies have implemented a plan to connect Google Ads and Salesforce in order to identify the right ad and push it to customers at the right time. This allows for higher chances of closing a sale from prospects.


Recently, the partnership has unveiled more benefits to their joint customers.

First, customers in the US and Canada can now buy Google products directly from Salesforce. This simplifies the buying experience as well as the opportunity to integrate Salesforce products to Google products in a single place.

Second, it’s not only the basic set of data that can be exported from Salesforce to Google Analytics 360. Additional data now includes Einstein Lead Scoring, more e-commerce metrics, and Sales Cloud user attributes.

Third, feature integrations can now help improve productivity. Among these integrations are as follows:

  • The combination of Salesforce Inbox and Inbox Beta for Gmail through an extension called Gmail Chrome Extension

  • A Salesforce app can be instantly created from a Google Sheet through the Lightning Object Creator tool

  • An add-on for Google Sheets called Data Connector for Salesforce

  • Google Sheets for Salesforce has now a Salesforce List View capability

To top it all off, Saleforce’s CRM called, Salesforce Essentials will now be listed on Google Cloud Platform Marketplaces and on G-Suite.

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