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These are DF18’s Best Moments

DF18 was a huge success thanks to all the sponsors as well as the participants and Salesforce is counting down the crowd’s favorite moments.

10. Welcoming everyone is the impressive DF18 arch that served as the Salesforce entry point for visitors from all around the globe as well as the TRAILBLAZERS. Over 170,000 attendees coming from all walks of life took part in this momentous event.

9. DF18 won’t be complete without entertainment and Salesforce filled the event with impressive musical and dance performances. Dreamfest is of the most memorable event ever to be held in the city.

8. Dreamfest is all about the future and this is very evident with the presentations and talks held by their esteemed guests. They discussed what the future holds for travel, manufacturing, life sciences, and healthcare, financial services, and retail.

7. Technology is persuasive – Tristan Harris. The speaker who is the co-founder of The Center For Humane Technology explained that technology is a guide that keeps everything on track.

6. Diversity benefits not only the community and also the businesses. This is what the Pep UP Tech reminded us. Their program, Platform for Change, helped 74 students find jobs.

5. Adrian Grenier, actor and environmentalist, talked on how to end plastic pollution, especially in the oceans. He said that we should begin somewhere.

4. Salesforce made over three partnership announcements during the DF18 event which was also highlighted by a lot of product updates. The company will soon be working with Google, Amazon Web Services, Customer 360, and Einstein Voice.

3. The Dreampitch program saw three entrepreneurs making the pitch of a lifetime to win a $250,000 investment with only 5 minutes to spare.

2. DF18 emphasized that business should be used as a platform for change and inspired Trailblazers on their journey in transforming legacies, processes, and teams.

1. Those who weren’t able to come personally to this event held by Salesforce joined the celebration online. Millions of them!

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