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Toast is Cooking with Salesforce and Helping Restaurants Succeed

Toast is taking advantage of state of the art AI technology provided by Salesforce. This allows them to help restaurants deliver amazing guest experience, streamline and make operations more efficient, and eventually increase revenue.

Growing Demand for Better Restaurateur CRM

Revenues in the restaurant industry are on steady growth every year—that’s the good news. The bad news is that this growth is also accompanied by challenges such as staff turnover, food safety issues, and changing customer preferences.

This leads restaurants to find ways to better improve customer service and make operations more efficient. The bottom line of that effort is to increase revenue and profit.

When talking about profit opportunities for restaurants, one of the lasting and biggest sources would be to speed up operations. Other than increasing operational efficiency another avenue is through cost cutting.

This is the window of opportunity that Toast is capitalizing on with the help of the leading CRM provider in the world, Salesforce. Needless to say, Toast’s customer base is steadily increasing.

They have helped thousands of restaurants streamline their operations and provide amazing customer experience. These factors of course bring about increased revenues. As a result Toast was able to more than double its total customer size in 2018.

About Toast

Toast is one of the fastest growing cloud based restaurant management software companies. It is based in Boston, Massachusetts. They provide their customers with point of sale and restaurant management systems to help provide customers with consistent and reliable white glove service.

The company was named by Merchant Maverick as the best POS systems for pizza parlors back in 2015. They also won the Hottest Startup: A+ in the NEVY Awards of 2016.

Toast uses Salesforce to build customer journeys for their clients that are completely seamless. Their platform encompasses all aspects of a restaurant’s customer pipeline including service, sales, and community building.

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