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Transamerica Financial and World Financial Group Said They Use Salesforce to Connect with Families in Planning for Their Financial Goals

The Transamerica Financial Network (Transamerica Financial Advisors and World Financial Group) said their 60,000 financial advisors and independent agents use Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud to serve customers. They said Salesforce is more than just a tech company to them—it’s a part of their family.

Deepening Client Relationships

Majority of TFN’s clientele are families who are planning for their financial and future goals. And with the use of Financial Services Cloud, they get to connect with those families more efficiently.

Since TFN became a Salesforce customer in 2012, TFN also became a Trailblazer in financial services; that is, they are now top of the line in the industry. They said this is because Financial Services Cloud allows their agents and advisors to create more personal engagements with customers.

For connecting with recruits and finding trainings, they use the Community Cloud as a hub for TFN agents. For powering their service and sales desks, they use Service Cloud. And also, with the help of the Salesforce platform’s Einstein Analytics, their company is capturing data like never before.

Benefits of Using Salesforce

TFN’s Chief Strategy Officer, John Joseph declared that the Salesforce Platform is very mobile. It is a 21st-century environment that supplements [our] talents in connecting with clients.

Aside from providing a multi-functional platform for agents and customers, Salesforce also provides other beneficial features. According to TFN, switching to Salesforce has allowed them to:

  • Expand their TFN advisors and agents’ learning through the adoption of Trailhead. With Trailhead, managers create Trailmixes that challenge their team members’ knowledge and skills for their professional growth.
  • Encourage innovation within the company through the creation of an Innovation Zone, powered by Salesforce. Now, TFN employees can easily collaborate, innovate and learn together with Salesforce.
  • Strengthen their recruitment efforts through Marketing Cloud. With their recruitment applications in place, TFN can scale the recruitment process using Marketing Cloud’s capability of attracting a diverse group of new advisors and agents.

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