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What Is the Translation Workbench in Salesforce?

In Salesforce, the Translation Workbench is a feature that customizes your organization. Particularly, it allows you to make assignments, then filter these assignments for better organization, improved productivity, and better accommodation for global users.

The Translation Workbench’s Functions

The Translation Workbench works with the participation of a translator – or a user who is officially assigned to translate for a particular language. In the Setup page, this translator must be granted access to View Salesforce Configuration.

Apart from letting you make and modify assignments, the Translation Workbench helps manage loads effectively. To do so, it focuses on these changes:

  • Before generating HTML, reference the Language drop down menu for Web-to-Case and Web-to-lead files.
  • All values (and records) must be imported via the selected language in the Language drop down menu.
  • In the report builder’s Filter area, you will find reports that are filed in a Filter Language drop down menu.
  • Based on an organization’s default language, values are sorted alphabetically.
  • You can add new values – as many as preferred. However, you cannot “mass” edit values; you have to edit them individually.


In the Translation Workbench, you can activate and de-activate a language. Regardless of the status, a user will see the default language values. If a language is activated, but a user selects a customized component with no translated values, he will see the default results.

And even if a language is de-activated, all of the translations for that language are still available. If a user selects a de-activated language, however, he won’t see expected values. Rather, he will only see the default language values.


By informing translators of their assigned languages, using the Translation Workbench can be accomplished effectively. Apart from that, the suggested practices are as follows:

  • You must teach a user to filter criteria values when using a personal language.

You must notify all translators of additional components immediately.

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