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What Are Trending Topics in Salesforce?

Trending Topics is a section in Salesforce that features the most popular topics. It follows an algorithm based on a particular topic’s frequency as a subject matter – including mentions, comments, and likes – over a short bit of time.

However, while a topic’s popularity is a factor in its algorithm, Trending Topics isn’t based on popularity alone. It also relates to an infrequent or even a one-time event with a noticeable spike in activity (e.g. project deadline, urgent concerns, and conferences).

Viewing a List of Topics

All the topics featured in the Trending Topics section are viewable – except those intended for private record feeds and groups. Among up to 5 topics that are viewable, the most recent addition will appear on top.

Moreover, viewing one of the trending topics is key to discovering the most interesting topic for a particular group – within the last couple of months. If this particular group has not discussed a topic, the list of trending topics will not be visible. Only until this particular group begins a discussion will it be granted permission to learn the most talked about topics in Salesforce.

Adding as Favorite

Apart from viewing topics in the Trending Topics section, you can also categorize and monitor a topic. Particularly, you can add it as your favorite. This lets you see the latest happenings on the topics you’re most interested in.

To add a topic as favorite:

  1. First, choose a topic by navigating to that topic’s detail page.
  2. Next, find the downward arrow button on the upper right area.
  3. Lastly, select Add to Favorites.

Configuring Trending Topics

You can configure the Trending Topics section, too. The instructions (after navigating to the Page Editor) are:

  1. First, choose Trending Topics.
  2. Lastly, choose the property editor and configure the properties as follows:
  • Replace the default configuration Trending Topics with a chosen title.
  • Enter a number (maximum 5) of topics for display.

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