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How to Use Chatter Group in Salesforce

Salesforce users within your org may utilize Chatter Groups to communicate with each other. You can use this feature to collaborate on projects and exchange ideas and information within your company.

How can Salesforce Chatter Groups be used by your org? Here’s a post that’ll help you utilize Chatter Group for your company employees.

What You Need to Know About Chatter Groups

Companies using Salesforce Chatter can have a grand total of 30,00 different groups within their respective orgs. Each user is allowed to join a maximum of 300 groups.

Chatter groups have five main classifications:

  • Public Groups – Anyone within your org is allowed to join a public Chatter group. He can view posts, add his own posts, make comments, and view files.
  • Private Groups – Selected group members are the only ones allowed to add posts, comment on them, view files, and view co-member’s posts. A user who wants to join a private group contacts the group owner or manager first before being granted access to the group.
  • Unlisted groups – The group owner or manager is the only one who invites his group members; users cannot ask them to add them to the unlisted group. Users and members with the Manage Unlisted Groups permission are allowed to participate in the activities within the Unlisted group.
  • Archived Groups – These are groups that cannot be actively accessed anymore. Posting is no longer allowed in these groups, but posts that form previous group data are accessible for reference uses only.
  • Groups with Customers – These are private and unlisted groups that allow customers to join. These groups have an orange tinge in the upper left corner of the group’s photo.

Creating a New Group

Follow these easy steps to create a new Chatter group.

  • From Setup, click on the Chatter tab.
  • Click on the Groups tab on the left-hand portion of the screen.
  • Click on the New Group option at the screen’s upper right side.
  • Select your group’s access level. Refer to the group classifications previously mentioned. Public, Private, and Unlisted are your main choices.
  • If you selected wither Public or Private, choose whether you want to allow customers to join your group.
  • Note that if you allow customers, you won’t be able to change your group’s access level later.
  • Disable the automating archiving settings if your group must remain active for a long period of time.
  • Save your choices.

You have now created a new group. Being the creator, you are now tagged as the group’s owner. Should you wish to add new group owners, you may do so by choosing Edit Group under the group detail page’s Group Settings option.

Adding or Removing Group Members

You may start adding or removing members by navigating to your group’s detail page and clicking Add/Remove Members. Enter the name of the user you wish to add or remove. Hit Add to include the user to your group. Click the blue x button to remove the user from your group.

If you own a private group and users have requested to join, manage them by clicking on their names and hitting Accept if you wish to add them, or clicking the blue x button if you want to decline their request. Click the Done button afterwards.

In a nutshell, you may create several Chatter groups to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. There are several option for group access levels, and they can easily be set within your Salesforce org.

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